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Zachary Levi shares that he had a “Mental Breakdown” before seeking a “life-saving” cure

Zachary Levi shares that he had a "Mental Breakdown" before seeking a "life-saving" cure

Zachary Levi talks about his fight for mental health.

In a recent interview, Shazam! The actor is honest about his struggles with anxiety and depression – something he has “struggled” with most of his life due to childhood trauma and self-doubt in his career.

“I didn’t realize I was struggling with these things until I was 37, about five years ago,” he told the Heart of the Matter podcast, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “and I had a complete mental breakdown.”

Zachary said the crash occurred after he moved to Austin, Texas. At that time, he was driving and could not live in a place to eat.

“I was sitting in my truck and of course I remember holding the steering wheel and just shaking here and there, as if trying to shake off what’s going on and just crying. I just cried, “it reminds him.” I said to myself, ‘God, help me.’

Zachary remarked that “he had very active thoughts to end my life.” And even though “this is not the first time” he has struggled with such ideas, this time it is different, because after moving to Austin, he “has none”.

“I’ve been in dark places in my life, but I think there were people around me at the time,” he explains. “I have no support structure. At this special time, I am here in this beautiful city, but mainly alone and the darkness has enveloped me again.”

He continued, “Lies and frustrations whisper in my ear that I feel old enough to say, ‘Zach, I don’t think you got out of here.'”

After this experience, Zachary said he followed his friend’s advice and spent almost a month looking for “intense life-changing and life-saving therapy” in the psychiatric ward. Prior to the treatment program, actor Tangled did “many other things, be it sex, drugs or alcohol,” to calm himself “of the pain I’ve lived most of my life,” he said. podcast.

Zachary Levi

“The irony is that drinking can give you temporary relief, but the next day your fear multiplies tenfold,” he said. “So you’re running back to get more and it’s a bad cycle.”

When he thinks about the roots of his struggle, he says that it all started in his childhood.

“I grew up most of my life in a house where I was a perfectionist at the highest level, his bar was too high, unattainable, and then a mother with a borderline personality,” he said. “So he doesn’t have an impossible high latte. He has an impossible goal as it continues. ”

As Zachary got older, he found himself struggling with his own vision of his career, adding, “I feel a little out of sight. The group.”

Today he receives prayer and meditation as he moves forward. You will be able to listen to his entire podcast episode on June 28.